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A Jó nap ez a halálra című 2003-as Harrison Fawcett regény koncepciójára épült, kis költségvetésű amerikai horrorfilm DVD kiadása 2010 augusztusában jelent meg az Egyesült Államokban. A Metamorphosis több évvel a Stephanie Meyer regények által kiváltott „vámpírőrület” előtt készült, az amerikai DVD-kiadást a témakörbe vágó regények és filmek iránti fokozott kereslet indokolta.


Director: Jenö Hodi
Writers: Tibor Fonyódi, Jenö Hodi, and Allan Katz
Rated: R (violence, sexuality)
Cast: Christopher Lambert, Corey Sevier, Irena A. Hoffman, Charlie Hollway, and Jennifer Higham

When three friends, Keith, J.J., and Kim travel to Hungary they wind up finding themselves traveling through much more than beautiful medieval scenery and architecture. Keith’s objective is to research Elizabeth Bathory, or the Blood Countess, so he can write a book on her, while his friends are tagging along for the journey.

On their way to a monastery the trio runs into a lone beautiful woman named Elizabeth (no coincidence), played by Irena A. Hoffman. Elizabeth is as fascinated and familiar with the history of the Countess as Keith is, and naturally the two begin to fall for each other. Things take a darker turn though as the group arrives to the monastery grounds to find themselves in the midst of some very strange occurrences.

Christopher Lambert plays Constantine, whom I can’t elaborate much on without giving anything away. Lambert is the most known actor in the film and definitely fits his role. The rest of the cast is a mixed bag. Hoffman and Sevier are two young actors I’m looking forward to see more of as they had great chemistry and were the stand outs from the rest of the relatively unknown cast.

From the movie cover art we already know this is a vampire movie. There are vampires in this movie, however there’s nothing particularly outstanding and different about them. With so many vampire movies popping up these days, it would be nice to see someone take some risks with the mythical creatures.

The movie is ultimately an entertaining supernatural love story. It had a nice twist at the end which I really appreciated. The dialog was decent and the scenery, mostly shot in Hungary, was breathtaking. The film has one fatal flaw though: the CGI effects and some of the action sequences were awful. This to me was too big to ignore. In lower budget pictures, I set reasonable standards, however I just can’t get past bad animation.

Overall I had fun with this one. The supernatural twist, the gorgeous leading lady, the astounding scenery, and the intriguing legend of the Countess made me keep watching. It has its flaws and may not stand out from other vampire movies, but it had some nice ideas and was played out well.

Hódi Jenő, Fonyódi Tibor és Christopher Lambert a Metamorphosis forgatásán (2006)

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