Tibor Fonyodi (Harrison Fawcett) was born in Budapest on 2nd June 1965. Writing has been his hobby since he was ten. In the beginning he wrote to entertain himself and his narrow circles. He entered various competitions and school literary contests. Following his studies at the secondary school of engineering he completed his compulsory military service (1985-86). During this time he encountered several paranormal phenomena, which determied his intellectual interest for years to come. He studied theology at the Pazmany Peter University from 1989. It was during these years that he completed his first considerable works in the field of cultural history and occultism. He’s been considered an expert of the field ever since. Following his university years he started to work as a manual worker. He established the stories and synopsyses of his later novels between 1993 and 1998. He came forward as Harrison Fawcett in 1998 with his work entitled Warriors of the Cathedral , a Sci-Fi novel, which takes place in ancient Rome. For the second volume (The Legend of the Cathedral) he won the award for best Sci-Fi novel of the year in 1999. From 1998 onwards he’s written several series of books, he’s been constantly publishing and his novels have run into several editions in Hungary.

He’s been a full-time writer from 2001. As a new step in his successful career as a novelist, his novel, The Scourges of God, based on the life of Attila and the final days of the Hun empire, was published in France by the Parisian Pygmalion publishing company in the spring of 2005 under the title of Le Chamane d’Attila. His career as a screenplay witer began in 2000. He was one of the writers of the American horror movie, Metamorphosis, and he’s one of the creators of the treatment that is the base for the screenplay of the international production, Budapest Rose. Several of his screenplays are in pre-production.

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