Biography – Trivia

His philosophy on life could be summed up in one sentence: to live and let live. Referring to his fundamentally curious nature, he considers himself a renaissance man. This positive attitude towards life appears regularly in his works, in which he looks upon life as a gift of God, with unwavering optimism.

As a screenplay writer he likes to adapt historical themes. Iron Curtain takes place after the revolution of 1956, during the bloody years of the Communist terror. The Siege of the Sun takes place in the 15th century and tells the life story of the hero János Hunyadi, who took up the sword against the peril and expansion of the Islam. Toldi, which is in pre-production at the moment, is based on a heroic poem and it takes us to the 14th century, to the age of the knight king, Louis the Great.

He’s a lucky man, as his hobby and job are the same. He writes his novels following a comprehensive research. The Cathedral stories take the readers to the times of the Roman Empire. The books matured over many years, while he sat in libraries and studied specialist litarature in the fields of the Roman Empire and the history of black art. His novel, The Power of the Crown, could be regarded as a monograph about the history of the Hungarian crown. The story takes place in the distant future, in an environment similar to that of the Star Wars. He conjures up the events of two thousand years related to the crown from the perspective of this environment (Few know that the crown, which was stowed away in safety from the Russians, was found by American soldiers in July 1945. The relic was taken to the United States, where it was kept in Fort Knox under the greatest secrecy between 1945 and 1978.)

As a founder and chief writer of Mysterious Universe he’s been a regular guest lecturer at national and international Sci-Fi congresses, and member of the jury at competitions related to the field. He’s a founder and lecturer of the annual HUNGAROCON School of Writing. Many of the young amateur writers, who have taken part in the four-day course, are today considered defining creators of Hungarian Sci-Fi literature.

Besides literature, studying occult phenomena has always been his favorite pastime. He wrote his first essays about this field too. He published his writings in the Third Eye esoteric magazine in the early nineties.