Written by: Tibor Fonyódi, Jenő Hódi and Allan Katz
CinePartners Entertainment (USA) – Milston Media Group (USA)
Produced: August 2005 (prod: Jenő Hódi, Jenő Hábermann)
Rendező: Jenő Hódi

„Metamorphosis” is a grab on to your seat thriller that takes us on an unforgettable journey exploring life beyond death through a passionate and dangerous love story between a young American writer and a gorgeous and exotic vampire. Through the power of myth, we uncover the lost details of medieval history and the legend of vampires to discover a new reality. Unpredictable and mesmerizing, this film will take us to a space of unknown terror leaving us questioning our own eyes…

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TOLDI (2004)
Production: GRANTFILM LTD, Hungary
Producer: Dr. Endre Nagy
Writer: John Crome, Tibor Fonyódi, John Arany
Cast: international cast
Genre: feature, drama
Length: 100 minute
Format: 35 mm
Language: English
Shooting: 2006 in Hungary

János Arany is the most prominent figure in Hungarian epic poetry. He lived and worked in the 19th century, and left a major oeuvre. He has the largest vocabulary of any Hungarian author. His Toldi – which is without doubt one of the greatest works of Hungarian literature – has lost nothing of its original value today. Arany translated Shakespeare’s Hamlet into Hungarian.

Toldi is set in Hungary in the second half of the 14th century in the reign of the legendary royal knight Louis the Great. The hero of the epic poem, Miklós Toldi, was a famous knight of the times, whose heroic deeds were much chronicled in verse.

Arany’s Toldi is a trilogy: Toldi, Toldi ‘s Love and Toldi’s Eve. The film rolls the three parts into one, with Toldi’s old age (Toldi’s Eve) forming the basic time frame and events from his life (mainly from Toldi, the first part of the trilogy, and to a lesser extent from Toldi’s Love) appearing as flashbacks.

Toldi has been translated into several languages, including English in 1913.

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(co-writer: János Szani, Tamás Dér)
Sunny Film (prod: János Szani)

The film Budapest Rose is a spectacular, exciting and extraordinary gangster movie, taking place during the Second World War. It’s a story about the strength of love, the futility of hatred and the moral rise of a gangster. The glamorous world of the Budapest Rose nightclub unfolds in the background, blending the most spectacular elements of American and European show business. The blending of cultures and the exotic cacophony reflects the apocalyptic atmosphere of war.

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