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The Mysterious Universe series was created at the beginning of 2000, when the two independently working authors decided to combine their series. The Cathedral novels and the Brett Shaw cycle of Harrison Fawcett, and the York Ketchikan cycle of Anthony Sheenard became the components of the same world. Although they represent the history of mankind in the third millennium with a difference of a few centuries, they form an interrelated and coherent universe.

Thus, a mystic world was born, in which one can find angels, demons, super civilizations and underdeveloped species. Mystery and space travel, spirit gluttons and plasm weapons all get on well together and with weapons that are blood-sucking demonic entities. The history of mankind is not equal to written history: our past is still hiding many secrets. The series endeavors to create a unified framework, in which the history of the Phaeton planet (orbiting between Mars and Jupiter) is intertwined with the legend of Atlantis, and the coming of Christ with the visions of Mohammed. It throws light on the builders of the pyramids, the peculiarity of the Chinese culture, and the disappearance of the Holy Grail… Moreover, it continues the story of mankind providing an end that will change the course of the whole universe.

The series presents all this in an adventurous manner and a playful style.

Several other outstanding Hungarian SF and fantasy writers are about to join the formation of the universe. We are truly confident that the foreign publication of the Mysterious Universe will contribute to the ever shining reputation of SF literature.

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