Scourge of God

In his novel „Scourge of God” Tibor Fonyódi tells the story of Torda the taltosh and his protégée, the greatest chieftain of Huns, Attila. The story is told by Torda who starts his story in the residence of the Hun kings and he continues in Transylvania. After the young Torda learn from an old taltosh how to use his enigmatic abilities he travels to the direction of the sunset to the area of Pilis in the Carpathian Basin. He meets there with the young Attila and goes into the service of the young… Many years later in the shadows of Attila Torda is weaving the strings of the history; the story is focusing around the legendary sword of Attila, and we can learn how a young child to the greatest conqueror of Europe became. In the background of the memoirs of Torda Tibor Fonyódi glimmers the decadent last days of the Roman Empire, the political effort to merge again the broken empire which fails.

The novel first published by Kalandor Publisher in Hungary in 2002. In 2005 it was published in French by Pygmalion under the title „Le Chamane d’Attila”.

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